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Would my child benefit from supplemental education?

Would my child benefit from supplemental education?

The easy answer is, “Yes.” All children can benefit from time spent at GradePower Learning regardless of their grades. Our programs are designed to help each and every student become more organized, confident, and motivated. Even the most successful students could learn a thing or two when it comes to these areas!

For parents who are concerned about their child’s academic performance, the answer is, “Absolutely.” When deciding if tutoring is the right path or not, consider the following tips from

According to an article by Mali Anderson, there are six factors to look for that may determine whether or not your child needs educational support.

Slipping Grades

While this may not always be the first indicator, it is usually the most clear and compelling. Grades indicate both a student’s understanding and effort. If either of these are weak, it will be reflected in a child’s grades. It is quite difficult for a student to raise a poor grade, especially if they do not have the organizational tools or skills to get back on track. It is better to catch issues early instead of waiting to see if students “eventually catch on.”

Not Managing Time Well

As students grow older, their school workload will inevitably increase. Without proper time management skills, a student may not be able to keep up with the extra work. Students must become more and more independent in this as they progress through their education. Students who are trying to raise their grades but lack good time management tools may continue to struggle.

Being Consistently Confused

When completing homework, a student’s confusion may be the result of two different situations. First, the student may simply be acting confused in order to avoid the assignment all together. The second reason may be that the student truly does not understand that concepts. A student experiencing the latter needs a tutor. They need support to understand the current concepts so that they’re able to grasp the next unit’s concepts as well. Typically, lessons are built upon previously learned information and students that begin to fall behind may find it increasingly difficult to catch back up.

Lacking Confidence

A student that says they are not smart enough or that they are stupid is a student in need. Students who lack confidence may find themselves unmotivated and prefer not to engage in the classroom. While failure is inevitable, utilizing supplemental education can help students to see the benefit of making mistakes and help them find that confidence again.

Decreasing Parental Supervision

Students that consistently receive homework help from their parents may benefit from an outside source of support. If parents take on extra responsibilities outside of the home or homework time increases and parents cannot assist with it all, a tutor can help. As students grow older, concepts become more complex and even parents may find themselves scratching their heads.

Learning Disabilities

Often times, children with learning disabilities must work harder than their classmates to achieve the same levels of academic success. Learning centers can provide alternative explanations and presentations of concepts in order to help children with disabilities grasp new information easier. Students who are diagnosed with learning disorders such as dyslexia or ADHD can learn new ways to interpret and remember new information with specialized study skills.

Let GradePower Learning individualize a program based on your child’s academic and learning strengths and weaknesses. We give children the tools they need to reach their highest potential despite any struggles.

If you question whether or not your child will benefit from getting extra help, you already know the answer. Listen to your gut!

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