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July Newsletter

July Newsletter

Summer is here! Don’t let the hot weather fool you, the first day of school will be here before you know it. Is your child prepared? Let us help your student start the new school year off right!



July Closures

Please be advised that GradePower Learning Aurora will be closed on Independence Day, Tuesday, July 4th.

If your child has class on this day, please call us to reschedule at your earliest convenience.



Summer Reading Competition!

Our summer reading competition began on May 30 and will end on July 31. Every book that students read enters them into a drawing for a GREAT prize! We sent students home with a tracking sheet for parents to sign. Let the reading begin!


Pie in the Face – Parents Night Out!

July 21, 6-9pm, $5/child. You won’t want to miss this event! This special Parents Night Out will involve one “lucky” GradePower Learning team member getting a PIE IN THE FACE! Students will get to cast one vote for every page that is completed in their booklets. Voting starts on July 3rd and will continue until July 20th. The “winner” will be revealed during the Parents Night Out event! You won’t want to miss this!


Superhero Costume Week!

We want to see those Superhero Costumes! From July 24th to the 29th, sudents are encouraged to dress up as their favorite superheroes. Full Spiderman outfit? Yes! Just a cape? Perfect!


Tech Camp: Junior Robotics and Programming:

July 17-21, 9-3 M-F, $295: This camp offers an introduction to programming, coding, and robotics! Campers will enjoy all the fun of building with LEGO ® bricks, PLUS the challenge of computer programming and coding. Using drag-and-drop icon-based WeDo ® software, campers will make first steps into the world of computer programming and robotics that will equip them to succeed in a technology-based marketplace.

As an added bonus, campers will work with the newest members of the B4K family – Dash & Dot and Robot Mouse. Students will learn basic coding with these fun, interactive robots. This action-packed week combines real-life skills with real-kid fun! Register at Questions? Call 720-216-4508 or email

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Making Math Add Up


Math basics are a fundamental part of our everyday life. While a student may not ever need to calculate the distance to the planet Jupiter, knowing simple multiplication tables and other math basics are skills that nobody should ever be without.

In the early grades, children may stumble with basic math concepts because they do not know their addition and subtraction facts. Children need to be comfortable adding and subtracting digits up to 20.

In higher grades, multiplication and division facts up to the 12 times table are the biggest challenge. If students do not know these, they often have difficulty with fractions and decimals; if students don’t know fractions and decimals, they’ll struggle with algebra. Each new math concept builds on the concept that came previously. Without a solid understanding, acquiring new math skills becomes very difficult.

Using a calculator isn’t the solution either; calculators do not help students develop better math understanding—it only helps them get the right answer! To properly understand math, a student needs get back to basics. The sooner that a student masters the basics of math and develops real understanding, the easier that math becomes.

Unfortunately, even if students practice math problems every night, they may still not see any improvement. That’s because proper study skills are very rarely taught in school. Often the only way to fill-in math skills gaps is to re-learn fundamental math concepts and re-build basic math knowledge.

GradePower Learning’s math curriculum helps students of all ages and skill levels build a solid foundation of math understanding and improve their study skills.



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