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April Newsletter

April Newsletter

Spring is here! Flowers will bloom, the sun will shine, and because we live in Colorado, the snow will inevitably fall. While Mother Nature can’t make up her mind, we will be hard at work helping students achieve their learning goals before the school year ends



Summer Promotion

We are offering three FREE hours to any students enrolled in our Beyond Tutoring or Advantage programs by May 31! The three free hours will be added to a student’s existing schedule and must be used by July 31. Want to take advantage of this deal? Give us a call to enroll today!




* SAT Group Program: June 13 – July 13, T/Th, $999:
GradePower’s proprietary SAT program prepares students using our integrated and comprehensive approach to studying. This program won’t just help students study for entrance exams – it will help students learn the preparation, studying, critical thinking, and learning skills that they will use over and over again in college. Students will take a diagnostic practice test prior to the start of their group sessions and a second test right before their final group session.


* Study Skills Workshop: July 10 – July 31, 12-3 M/W  $499:
This 20-hour program is appropriate for students in grades 7 through 10 who wish to strengthen their study skills for success in high school. Designed to introduce students to the study skills they will need in high school, college, and university, this 20-hour program introduces students to goal setting, time management, organization, note taking, study strategies, and project planning.


* Save the Date for the following summer Bricks 4 Kidz camps!

  • Dinosaur Park Expedition Camp: June 5-9; 9am – 3pm, Ages 5-12
  • Tech Camp: Junior Robotics and Programming: July 17-21; 9am-3pm, Ages 7-13

Register at
Questions? Call 720-216-4508 or email

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Student Kudos

CONGRATULATIONS to our winners of our Agenda Challenge! Having students bring in their planners has helped them develop efficient ways to use them and manage their time more effectively. Practicing using an agenda early on will help students stay organized when they get to higher levels of education.



Crazy Hat and Hair Week

Let’s get crazy! Mohawk? Standing pig tails? Dr. Seuss hat? From April 17-29th, students can come to classes and show us their wacky side. We can’t wait to see how creative our students will get with this fun theme!



Prevent Summer Brain Drain

When the final bell rings this school year, students of all ages and grades will head home to hang up their book bags for the last time. They (most likely) will not give the books inside another thought until it’s time to head back to school.

While it’s important for students to take a break and enjoy their summer, it’s more important that students continue to keep their brains challenged. After all, the brain doesn’t stop seeing connections, growing, or processing information during the summer.

The brain functions much like muscles in the body: when not used properly, it begins to deteriorate. As the saying goes—use it or lose it.

Known as the “summer brain drain”, students who don’t engage in active learning over the summer can lose up to two months of academics, putting them at an academic disadvantage in the fall. Students have to spend the first weeks of school playing catch up.

In a single summer, students can review concepts learned in the previous grade, improve their study and organizational skills, and even get a head start on next year’s subjects so that they are starting the new school year ahead. Rather than playing catch up, students are actively learning the new curriculum from the first day of classes.

By continuing to learn over the summer months, students prevent the brain from losing neural connections that were built up during the school year. Maintaining learning momentum is an easy process: in as little as one or two hours of active learning per week, students can achieve that head start.


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