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GradePower Learning - Aurora, CO About Us

GradePower Learning® is the first supplemental education program of its kind

Our Mission

  • Help children achieve their highest potential
  • Encourage independence and imagination
  • Foster a striving for excellence
  • Awaken a spirit of confidence and enthusiasm
  • Teach children to celebrate achievement

At GradePower Learning®, we understand how upsetting, scary, guilt-inducing, and frustrating it can be when your child is struggling academically. That’s why we want to start with two simple, potentially surprising facts that may make you feel better right away:

  • Poor grades don’t necessarily mean that your child isn’t “smart”.
  • Poor grades are often caused by a deficiency in the fundamental cognitive skills that make up what we call “learning”.

When it comes to developing these critical cognitive skills, forcing your child to “buckle down and study harder” doesn’t work (or make home a very happy place to be). Neither do traditional tutors, endless drills, or rote memorization.

What does work is teaching your child the cognitive skills he or she needs to “get it”; to truly understand a subject. That’s the core of the GradePower Learning® system, the only learning system developed based on scientific research into how children actually learn. The life-changing success it brings is why we love what we do.

GradePower understands the challenges that may arise with motivating children to do their homework and improve their grades. We are passionate about awakening a spirit of confidence and enthusiasm in students which eliminates low self-esteem. GradePower is committed to partnering with parents and teachers to not only increase scholastic achievement but to also foster a striving for excellence within the student.

We are proud to bring this opportunity to school-aged students in our area. This center is the first GradePower to open in Colorado and is unique in that the programs offered teach students how to learn rather than just pass a subject. Many tutoring centers focus on memorization and passing the current class, but GradePower goes above and beyond simple memorization techniques.

Grade Power’s exclusive academic-based cognitive learning approach affords students a lifetime of learning skills. Programs offered include: Little Readers for 3-6 year olds, Beyond Tutoring for 1st – 8th graders, Advantage for 9th-12th graders, SAT/ACT Test Prep, homeschool support, and summer advantage. Each program builds children’s confidence and helps them to reach their highest potential.

GradePower Learning® Programs WORK – We Can Help Your Child!

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At GradePower, we specialize in building children’s self-esteem. Our customized programs combine academics and cognitive skills to fit your child’s specific needs. We are leaders in our field in teaching children HOW to learn and we are passionate about helping them reach their highest potential.

GradePower’s interactive curriculum, enthusiastic coaches, and whole-child approach create a place where your child will enjoy learning. We can change how they think, learn, and their attitude towards school.